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Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning
"We cover every nook"
Property Caretaking
Property Caretaking
"Let us monitor and protect your Maine investment"
Power Washing
Power Washing
"Clean inside and out"
Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning
"Yes, we love windows"
Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance
"No job is too odd"
Yard Work
Yard Work
"We help you maintain and clean-up your property"
Let's meet and do a walk through to determine your needs, expectations and then we'll provide you a firm quote for services desired.  

Cleaning & Property Care Services
  • First-Time Home Cleaning:  like auto we do home detailing. This gives us the opportunity to do a deep clean of your home to prepare for "maintenance" cleanings.  We then create a regular schedule that is convenient for you. Home detailing starts at $180 for average homes. (larger home rates may vary)
  • Maintenance Cleaning: (weekly or bi-weekly) starting at $80 per cleaning depending on factors such as size, family members, lifestyle, pets, etc.
  • Once a Month Home Cleaning: starting at $80 per cleaning
  • Summer Cleaning Services - starting at $40 per hour.
  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: contact us for an estimate
  • Before/After Party Cleaning: contact us for an estimate
  • New Construction Clean-up: contact us for an estimate
  • Rental Property Cleaning: average one bedroom, one bath apartment is $100 (includes refrigerator/oven and inside windows)
  • Additional Services:  refrigerator, freezer, or oven
  • Windows:  we professionally hand clean windows for a streak free shine, clean sills and screens at an average $8 per window
  • Tailored Services: starting at $35 per hour or we provide an estimate for the job
Caretaking / Property Management Services - We offer weekly/monthly home inspections, alarm response and reset, check security system, temperature, heating system, electrical, plumbing, test smoke detectors, check for water leaks, storm damage, ice/snow removal, start automobiles, coordinate repairs and much more.  We can provide you with "on-line web-album pictures of your property" and around the clock response and property reports.
Payment Options
  • We gladly accept Cash or Check and payments through PayPal™ - Fast, Safe, and Secure - which accepts credit cards and checking accounts.
Discounts & Extras
  • Refer a friend and save.
  • Gift Certificates - are great for any occasion. 
(Housewarming Gift,New Parents,Mother's or Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas,Weddings,Get Well,Valentine's Day,Employee Appreciation, or a simple "Thank you")

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