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Customer Feedback   "Thank you, it drives everything we do"
"I hired Eric to be the primary property manager for 11 years for our house in mid-coast Maine. During this time, we moved to the west coast and we were trying to sell our property. Eric took care of EVERYTHING. He cleaned every time we had a showing, he fixed everything that broke, he shoveled every walkway. Eric was my go-to person and the only reason I could leave such a big investment empty for such a long period of time (we had a bad renter experience!). Once we got an offer, he was instrumental in fixing items on the punch list and even helping me move furniture, make repairs and get ready for final inspection. I cannot say enough about Eric and his company. Eric is the ultimate jack of all trades.  If there is something that needs to be fixed, he will figure it out. Eric is meticulous in cleaning. He takes initiative and never takes advantage. I wish I had him on the west coast, but there's only one!  I HIGHLY recommend Eric. 
A.O. - Camden, Maine

"We are very grateful for the care and preparations you made to our home. We are going through a very stressful time right now and coming to this clean and beautifully maintained place is like arriving at an oasis of peace."
H.A. - Belfast, Maine

"You are so awesome! It looks absolutely fantastic! Again my husband and I are very impressed!  Your prices are set very nicely for the work you do. Thank you again." 
H.K. - Searsport, Maine
"Neal and I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing job you did cleaning the house last week.  It was such a gift to come home to a spotless house!  We were especially impressed with how great the wood floors looked.  Neal's parents came to visit last weekend and they kept asking us if we had the floors refinished.  We would love to have you come back." 
M.S. - Lincolnville, Maine
"I really appreciate your commitment to do what we had originally agreed and more.  So often homeowners, like myself, are looking for people to help out from time to do work either in the yard or around the house, and it is hard to come by.  They either don't return calls; show up late and want to leave early; have to be coaxed and prodded to do what was originally agreed; and of course, be paid a premium.  When we made initial contact you returned my email very quickly; asked me to call you to discuss the work to be performed; showed up when you said you would; left when we were done, charged a very fair rate....a great rate for what you did and the equipment you used."
J.P. - Newcastle, Maine
"I just want to thank you for a beautiful job on the windows at our home.  They absolutely sparkle.  I would like to plan on hiring you to do the windows again this time next year."
N.S. - Belgrade, Maine
"We are delighted with the cleanliness of everything and we appreciate coming home to a clean house!"
M.S. - Owls Head, Maine
"Great job!  Thank you so much and thanks for tightening all the kitchen knobs - I love that!  The woodstove glass looked great.  The house felt very fresh."
M.W. - Waldo, Maine
"Linda, thanks again for coming over on such short notice!  The owner said the house looks fantastic, which is great for the home showing today."
S.O. - Camden, Maine
"Linda, you did an outstanding job!  I was thoroughly amazed!  You passed the "white glove" test.  I couldn't stop saying to my husband how impressed I was as I wandered through the house.  You can count on us as regular customers."
B.B. - Lincolnville, Maine
You are awesome and organized!  Thank you!
S.B. - Appleton, Maine
is great!  they gamely all the windows we requested; they were dirty and difficult (old house).  Linda saved my kitchen then came back yesterday to do the rest of the house. Dependable, honest, reasonable rates!  They are coming back Saturday morning to do the windows at my Mother's house, just before company coming in on Sunday and will come back once a month to do the house.  I consider myself fortunate to find them."
S.P. - Winterport, Maine
"What a pleasure to come home to such a clean house – I think you cleaned places that hadn’t been touched in years!  Thank you for this wonderful work, and for being flexible about working around the insulation installers."
N.L. - Union, Maine
"Linda, thank you for all you have done for us!  It is very much appreciated!  The open house went very well and the houses looked great!  Thanks again!  I will be in touch.  We will have another home to be cleaned within a month and hopefully more through the winter!! 
B.M - Rockport, Maine
"I thought the floors and bathrooms looked great and thanks for adjusting the closet doors in the master bedroom, we appreciate the little extras you do."
T.F. Maine
"Thank you for your assistance the house looks great. You did a fantastic job thank you and we'll contact you for another appointment. Have a great weekend!"
M.R. - Belfast, Maine 
"Linda, it was a pleasure to meet you.  We were very impressed your professionalism and organization.  Since we are on a fixed income, our budget can't allow for anything beyond $100, thanks for working with us.  See you on Thursday."
N.C. - Camden, Maine
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